Interdisciplinary artist with a focus on medical science and chronic pain


Interdisciplinary artist with a focus on medical science and chronic pain



 Selected Grants and Residencies

2023-4              O-Ki Concept Design Development Residency with Michele Saint-Yves and Bianka Kennedy, Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability Grants, South Australia
2022-3              Future Leaders Program, Australia Council for the Arts
2022                Open lab Residency with Michele Saint-Yves and Bianka Kennedy, Museum Of Discovery (MOD.)
2021                Sync Australia Leadership Program, Access Arts, Australia
2020                Career Development Grants for Individuals and Groups, Australia Council of the Arts
2020                Bundanon Residency, Accessible Arts
2020                Small Project Grants, Create NSW
2019                360 Vision: Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Development Initiative, Create NSW
2019                Front & Centre Arts Leadership Grant Program, Accessible Arts, NSW Government through Investing In Women
2016                Quick Response Grant, Accessible Arts
2015                Synapse Residency Program, Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)
2015                Body in Mind, Sansom Institute for Health Research Residency, University of South Australia, Adelaide
2014                Amplify Your Art Grant, funded by Accessible Arts, NSW Government
2014                Body in Mind, Sansom Institute for Health Research Residency, University of South Australia, Adelaide

Selected Exhibitions

2022                Psyche, Science Gallery Bengaluru, India 
2022                Out of Order, Granville Centre Art Gallery, Sydney​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
201  9                Breakout My Pelvic Sorcery, Empathy Clinic, The Big Anxiety Festival of Arts + Science + People (curated by Prof Jill Bennett, Dr Bec Dean), UNSW Galleries, UNSW, Sydney
2018                MOD.IFY: It’s now what you know, Museum Of Discovery (MOD.), University of South Australia
2017                The Patient: The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art (with Helen Pynor, John A. Douglas and Guy Ben-Ary, curated by Dr Bec Dean), Riddoch Art Gallery, Mt Gambier, South Australia
2017                The Patient: The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art (with Helen Pynor, John A. Douglas and Guy Ben-Ary, curated by Dr Bec Dean), Manning Regional Gallery, Taree, NSW
2016                The Patient: The Medical Subject in Contemporary Art (with Helen Pynor, John A. Douglas and Guy Ben-Ary, curated by Dr Bec Dean), UNSW Galleries, University of NSW, Sydney
2015                Art of Pain (with George Khut and Cat Jones, curated by Vicki Sowry), Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, The Hawke Centre, Samstag Building, University of SA, Adelaide
2015                Matter & Void, Interlude Gallery, Sydney
2012                Undergraduate exhibition (Honours), Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2010                Undergraduate exhibition, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2009                Inaugural show (curated by Colin Rhode), Verge gallery, University of Sydney, Sydney
2009                The Churchies finalists (Collaboration with Matt Yeldham, Twana Sivan, Kate Brown), Brisbane
2009                (performance) Game, Agar Dish, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2008                (performance) Thread, Performance night, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2008                (performance) Thread, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
2007                Shelf Life (curated by Nick Vickers), The Delmar Gallery, Sydney
2007                Confluence, Exit Gallery, SCA, Sydney
2006                Selekta, West Space, Melbourne
2006                Post-It (curated by Tracy Clement), Peloton Gallery, Sydney

Selected Bibliography

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2021              Valeria Bellan, March and Invisible Disability of Women (translated from Italian to English), Donne Che Emigrano all'Estero, March
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2020               Nas Campanella, Celina Edmonds, Artists living with disability retreat to the Australian bush to find inspiration post COVID-19 lockdown, ABC News, 23 October
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2015               Natasha MitchellArt of Pain, Life Matters, ABC Radio National, 23 July
2015               Jill Margo, Drastic surgical solution eases the pain of ‘women’s problemsthe Australian Financial Review, p46, 25 March
2014               Feature Artist, Amplify Your Art Recipient Eugenie Lee, Accessible Arts, 19 November
2014               Siobhan MoylanPain as Muse, EastsideFM, 21 July
2007               SCAfold: 30 Years of Visual Art Education & Research, Sydney College of the Arts, November

Selected Professional Activities & Project Involvement

2023               World Patients Alliance Asia-Pacific Regional Conference, Representative for Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy, Dubai
2022               'Urgent Futures: Radical Care' (with Sue Jo Wright, Amy Claire Mills), Discussion Panel, MCA Late x Vivid Idea, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney
2022               'Quantifying Subjective Humanness through McGill Pain Questionnaire', (with Prof Mick Thacker, Sanja Maretic), PSYCHE, Science Gallery, Bengaluru
2021               'Innovating Art Through Disability' (with Morwenna Collett, Dan Graham, Jackie Leach Scully), Sydney Arts Management Advisory   Group (SAMAG)
2021               Performance Space Liveworks Access Advisory Committee member
2021               Arts Activated Advisory Panel board member, Accessible Arts
2021                The Social-Psycho-bio model: What does this mean for the Lived Experience of Pain? (with Prof Jody Thomas, Pamela Ressler, moderated by Dr Blair Smith), IASP Virtual Series on Pain & Expo: Innovation in Research and Education
2021               Online Interview on the artist's VR artworks, creative & pain journey of endometriosis, by Pete Moore Pain Toolkit, Katie Knapton
2021               Online Interview, Pain Geeks Reading Group, Laura Rathbone 
2020               Disability Sparking, Panel Discussion (with Liz Martin, Bec Hogan, Allison Reynolds), ArtState Conference, CSU Riverina Playhouse, Wagga Wagga
2020               Finding Resilience in the Arts in the Time of Uncertainty, Panel Discussion (with Jackie Bailey, Katherine Boydell, Lyn Worseley), Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group, Sydney
2019 -            Member of Presidential Task Force, Global Alliance of Pain Patient Advocates (GAPPA)International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP)
2019               Awkward Conversations The Big Anxiety Festival Program, Customs House, City of Sydney & University of NSW
2018               Artist talk, Museum Of Discovery (MOD.), University of South Australia
2018               Guest lecture talk, UNSW Art & Design 
2018               Seeing Is Believing, ‘The Pain Revolution: Rethink, Re-engage, Recover’, Pain science blog, 12 March 2018
2017-ongoing  Art and Science collaboration – Pain Language and Pain Experience: An Experimental Investigation, with Dr Valeria Bellan (Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (CNL), UniSA) and Prof Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky (CNL, UniSA)
2017               Placebo Symposium: Harnessing Placebo Mechanisms to Improve Clinical Outcomes, Credit for Continuing Professional Development, Pain Management Research Institute, The University of Sydney
2017               Explain Pain & Graded Motor Imagery, Continuing Professional Development Certificates, Neuro Orthopaedic Institute Australasia (NOI)
2017               Seeing Is believing, Performance demonstration & presentation, Australian Pain Society 37th Annual Scientific Meeting: Expanding Horizons, Adelaide, SA
2017               Presentation, Australian Medical writers Association Annual Conference: Communicating for Change, Sydney
2016               Presentation, New Narratives in Science Communication, Australian Science Communicators conference, University of Queensland
2015               Art and Science collaboration - a concept and artwork creator for a Sensory/imaging experiment with Virtual Reality Environment, Health and Creativity Node, Charles Perkins Centre, University of Sydney, University of South Australia, and Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)
2015               Eugenie Lee, Cat Jones, Dr Valeria Bellan: Artists and Scientist Discussion, The Art of Pain: Playing Tricks With The Mind - Illusion And Its Affect, University of South Australia, 28 July
2014               Visiting Fellowship at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA)


2007-12          BVA Sydney College of the Arts (First Class Honours), Sydney 
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